Ron Allen Memorial Disc Golf Course



Ron Allen Memorial Disc Golf Course

The Ron Allen (pictured below-he is showing his dream of HTR) Memorial Disc Golf Course is a disc golf course located at HorseThief Reservoir near Jetmore, KS, designed by Eric McCabe (Professional disc golfer who is known Nationally) and Ethan Tschanz (Ron Allen's grandson).  What a hard working group and so dedicated to make this one amazing course.  We are working on a page for the course, but for now here are a few pictures to show you what they have done! 



  Ron Allen FGC.jpg

Concrete pads for the tee boxes are now poured, tree signs are in place and it's a go!  The first tournament will be held on June 10, 2017 during the HorseThief-The Festival.  Please see the festival website for more information:  www.horsethiefthefestival.com




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