The area around the reservoir gives excellent opportunities to observe and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat.  Many species of animals and birds make their home at HorseThief Reservoir.  Food plots have been added to enhance a sightseers chances.  Trails have also been built.  This is a time consuming job, but we have completed several trails for your enjoyment.  You may either hike those trails or you may hike the primitive prairie grass dotted with yucca and cactus at your own pace.  In the spring there is a multitude of colorful wildflowers that cover the Reservoir.  The area is surrounded by tall bluffs on the south side, offering a beautiful view of the lake below.  The terrain is rugged in places and can be physically challenging so use precaution when deciding where and how long you intend to hike.  We welcome bikes as well. NO ATV'S, please!  We do ask that you use the same precautions as the hikers and keep watch for hikers along the path. 

We welcome equestrian horseback riding as well.  However, we do ask that riders call ahead so that we can make proper arrangements for their horses, trailers, etc.  


Please keep in mind that all vehicles when entering the park, will need a permit.  Suggested items to bring include; cell phone, sunblock, water, insect repellant, sturdy walking boots/shoes, hat with a brim, camera and a jacket.  We will continue to work on our trails along the way.  Please understand it is a work in progress but we hope you enjoy your ride or hike!

Click on the link below for a map of the trails that we have at the reservoir!  Feel free to print them off and share with your hiking buddies or groups!


(620) 253-8464